for intralogistics

High operational reliability by qualitative plant maintenance

Professional maintenance by SITLog for the highest possible plant availability and safety

Maintenance service

Our experienced SITLog maintenance team provides the smooth running of repair and maintenance works on client systems. This is the basis and the first step towards providing technical availability and contributes sustainably to investment protection of the plant.

  Advantages at a glance:
  • Operational safety
  • Value enhancement
  • Increase in lifetime
  • Calculable operating costs
  • Early detection of wear and tear
  • Inspection service

Inspection service

Our SITLog inspection service includes cyclical machine inspection to check the operational safety of the plant. These inspections form the basis to be able to plan maintenance and repair measures anticipatorily.

Advantages at a glance:
  • High operational safety by performing regular inspections and qualitative plant maintenance
  • Minimal downtimes by optimised maintenance intervals
  • Reduced maintenance costs by efficient and long-term maintenance strategies
  • Investment protection by comprehensive and sustainable value conservation measures