for intralogistics


  • SAP-Integration

Control Technology

  • Material flow control
  • Visualisation

Modernisation of intralogistics plants by SITLog

The modernisation and optimisation of existing automated warehouse systems is a main field of expertise of SITLog.

Core elements and starting points for
modernisation are:
  • IT systems Bild Modernisierung
  • Control technology
  • Drive and control technology
  • Conveyor technology
  • Electric overhead conveyer systems/Infloor conveyor systems
  • Sorting technology
  • Palletisers/Depalletisers
  • Storage and retrieval machines/Stacker cranes
  • Robot technology
  • etc.
Basic analysesGrafik Modernisierung

No matter if sub-sectors or whole systems, SITLog applies a systematic approach on this assignment:

Thorough analyses provide answers to the question which modernisations need to be implemented in terms of efficiency and which plants or mechanical components are to be replaced.

Conversion concept
  • From experience gained from many modernised plants, SITLog develops realistic conversion concepts and plans which ensure modernisation without operational interruption.
  • A professional production schedule determines responsibility, timeframes and operations.
  • Fully-developed fallback-strategies and the possibility to switch between old and new minimises the risk of plant downtime.
  • Conversions, from drive technology to control technology up to adjacent system interfaces over the weekend are SITLog´s daily business and often necessary and reasonable to prevent business interruptions.
Energy efficiency - SITLog Efficient Logistics
  • Energy recovery
  • Power management
  • Energy optimised control strategy
  • Start-Stop function
  • Dynamic performance adjustment