for intralogistics

Key issues of a successful software by SITLog in the area of intralogistics

Further networking, information and modularisation

Basically there are more trends which begin to emerge in the software sector. On the one hand it is the growing consistency from the ERP to the control level and on the other hand the demanded modularisation and standardisation of process flows, tasks and functions as well as stronger information networking on all levels, for example GS1.

The omnipresent pressure of cost and optimisation demand from logistics software to process relevant information at an earlier stage and that this information can also be exchanged or looked at by different companies or different systems.

The clothing industry is a pioneer when it comes to subjects like data warehousing and business intelligence to predict for example the buying behaviour of customers and optimisation of advance planning.

It is almost a standard to provide platform independence and, in doing so, to ensure a simple exchangeability of hardware components to be independent of suppliers.