for intralogistics

SITLog WMC – Warehouse Management Control and
SITLog MFC – Material Flow Control

SITLog controls, coordinates and manages different warehouse logistics systems in distribution, production and manufacturing with the modular systems SITLog WMC (Warehouse Management Control) and SITLog MFC (Material Flow Control).

Picture WMC/MFC

Key requirements in the IT

Failure safety and data redundancies are key requirements in the IT. On this issue, SITLog increasingly focuses its efforts on virtual systems by using the virtual platforms VMware® and Hyper-V®.

Efficient system performance

Cluster solutions with high availability can be implemented at a good price-performance ratio with these systems. Moreover, maintenance and service effort for clients is lower with VM solutions and, in addition, the installed computer hardware can be used more efficiently.

Main functions of WMC SITLog

  • Order management and disposition
  • Data and order confirmation
  • Goods receipt
  • Administration/stock management of several warehouses
  • Outgoing goods
  • Replenishment and warehouse optimisation
  • Commissioning
  • Modules für additional features
  • Order optimisation
  • External interfaces (web service, TCP / IP, database)

Main functions of MFC SITLog

  • Optimisation strategy (way and time)
  • Coupling of external systems such as robots
  • Mapping of material flow
  • Transport performance and optimisation
  • Communication and coordination with control system / PLC

Central elements of conception

  • Modular systematic design in the core and additional features
  • Consistency in conception
  • Platform independence
  • Uniform communication concept
  • Securing of highest availability
  • Simplification of control panel
  • Guarantee of investment protection

Benefits and efficiency gains by SITLog WMC and MFC

  • Optimisation of material flow
  • Reduction of stock movements
  • Multiple client capacity
  • Process safety
  • Clear and easy dialogues
  • Investment protection
  • Short time of implementation
  • Professional integration consulting
  • Cross-interface planning
  • Integration assistance