for intralogistics

Visualisation systems for higher availability and greater transparency

The visualisation system ViSIT developed by SITLog is based on WinCC and enables:

Identify causes and correct errors

Bild VisualisierungSITLog visualisation enables the plant operator to analyse causes in a targeted fashion by continuously recording relevant events. This shows which irregularities such as uneven output distribution, defective conveyor components and many other factors are impeding optimal performance and, as a result, preventing high availability of the entire plant.

Increase availability

The main advantage is that ViSIT constantly gives the client the opportunity to identify the weaknesses of his plant at relatively low cost and thereby being able to significantly improve availability and to keep it at a consistently high level.

Bild VisualisierungMeasure performance

Plant output is constantly available at the touch of a button. Not only does the system enable the avoidance of uneven plant utilisation, it also allows precise measurement and review of performance data for manufactures of conveyors or other plant units.

Optimise maintenance

ViSIT identifies the actual load of individual plant parts and components. This enables proactive and efficient maintenance according to the actual load and not according to switched-on times. ViSIT provides the best possible support for efficient remote service work. ViSIT offers the employee the opportunity to enter his own help texts and to communicate cross-shift information.

Universally applicable

SITLog ViSIT Systems can be made available on all common terminals and operating systems, for example iOS, Android, etc.

  • Schwerlast-Palettenlager
  • Palettenfördertechnik
  • Gitterboxenlager
  • Palettenlager
  • Behälter- und Tablarenanlage
    Behälter- und Tablarenanlage
  • Palettenfördertechnik-/lager
  • Behälterfördertechnik
  • Palettenfördertechnik
  • Regalbediengerät
  • Palettenlager
  • Gitterboxenfördertechnik
  • Palettenfördertechnik
  • DE_Picking and dispatch area in the electronic sector
    Picking and dispatch area in the electronic sector
  • Regalfahrzeug - Behälterlager
  • Materialflusssystem - Fördertechnik
    Materialflusssystem - Fördertechnik
  • Ein- und Auslagerbahnen in der Vorzone in automatischen Kleinteilelagern
    Ein- und Auslagerbahnen in der Vorzone in automatischen Kleinteilelagern
  • Behälterfördertechnik
  • Behälterfördertechnik
  • Effiziente Steuerungstechnik für Materialflussanlagen
    Effiziente Steuerungstechnik für Materialflussanlagen
  • Verpacken – Etikettierung – Versand
    Verpacken – Etikettierung – Versand
  • Steuerungstechnik für Shuttellager
    Steuerungstechnik für Shuttellager
  • Steuerungstechnik – Behälterfördertechnik – Materialfluss
    Steuerungstechnik – Behälterfördertechnik – Materialfluss